Monday, 16 July 2012

Post from the One World College in Delhi

Hello from Jenny and Rosie in Delhi!

We are now beginning our third week working at the One World College of Music in Gurgaon. The school has only been open three months and has been purpose-built to accommodate its students, with a range of instruments available (including one upright piano and 4 electrics), soundproofed teaching and practice rooms, and a recording studio on the way. We have each been assigned various piano and vocal students at a range of ages, most at beginner level. The school aims not to focus too much on exams, but rather to work on an all-round musical education, to which end they have developed a programme whereby  each pupil receives, per week, a one-to-one instrumental tutorial, a group aural and musicianship class, and an ensemble class.

In the last couple of weeks we have started holding teachers meetings to discuss issues and ideas, and one of the results of this so far is that we are all going to make an effort to teach each other our own instrument to improve general awareness and to create a truly multi-instrumental staff team! (Jenny and I are both aiming to do a drumkit grade before the end of our stay.) We are also beginning to make contact with the British Council in order to arrange some workshops and are looking at getting involved with various other voluntary projects.

The main issues we have found so far through our teaching include a lack of note reading ability and a hazy grasp of theory as well as a general feeling of shyness or lack of confidence; however, seeing as most of the students are beginners, this is not unexpected. In our teachers meetings, we have particularly been discussing how to improve aural ability in group classes.

Overall the school has been very welcoming to us and we are getting along well in our new environment :-)

So... that's about it for now. We will keep updating on our progress as we get on!

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